maternity jilbab or khimar, why?

What is the use of such a maternity jilbab or khimar?

Breast-feeding? have you ever found was outside for an appointment or just a walk and crying baby as it begins to be hungry?

Is this idea was not to get out quickly repressed because of this event and the difficulty that emerges ??

And porting, I saw many sisters renounce their jilbab, swapping it against an abaya / hijab to be able to wear, with the bonds of baby carrier or sling that tightens the body (I have nothing against the abaya / hijab as long as the body is covered), or else give up the desire, the need to wear their little heart.

I had these difficulties and drawbacks too, but I could not bring myself to the jilbab can not and must not be inconsistent with the mothering, mothering and should not be a problem!

So, being pregnant at the time so I looked for a solution, I wanted to wear and breastfeeding, where I wanted, when I wanted, without constraint and keeping my modesty.

So I pulled out my sewing machine and my first model was born masha'Allah! it was not very pretty, not the fabric top, but sobhan'Allah, he released elhamdoulillah!

The road has been traveled since my models are constantly changing, my fabrics are carefully selected and quality finishes,

After being filled by this facility found, I decided to share it with my small amount Tijara, and all this is that by the Grace of Allah, wa elhamdoulillah choukroulillah!

so maternity jilbab or khimar, why? nursing, breastfeeding, carrying, friendly!

for mother without revealing <3

I show you a summary of my work, video and photo through this blog, you notice that the quality of my work, the peculiarities of my confections (maternity jilbab, carrying / breastfeeding, maternity abaya etc.) and discover a new way, ease, mothering for us sobhan'Allah Muslim moms!

because in our noble religion, mothering an important hawla the wa quwwata illah billah! do we deprive ourselves more and that it is no longer a constraint insha'Allah!



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