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Assalaamu alaykunna

The 15-22nd October 2017 is World Breastfeeding Week in France and we are hosting a fun giveaway competition to win a bundle of goodies which are all as useful and gorgeous as each other :DD

Gift number 1

Photo by Jilbabella

An outfit from our breastfeeding styles here at  confectionsoumk.com (confectionsoumk.co.uk for the English sisters) with a choice of an abaya or a jilbab.


Gift number 2

A really useful present that’s mentioned often in my survey on ‘In your opinion, what’s the most useful accessory for a breastfeeding mum’ and I can only agree with you guys!!

A pack of 10 breast pads handmade by a talented designer masha Allah

Gift number 3

3rd most useful item on the survey:

A set of 2 ventilated breast shells, used to promote the healing of cracksbetween feeds and to stimulate lactation. They also allow you to collect the milk that leaks from the other breast during a feed.

In silicon, made by NUK

Gift number 4

Accessory number 4 according to your choice (see what a good idea it is to fill in surveys? )) we get to know how to make you happy.) (By the way, yes I have skipped a gift to make the suspense last longer.)

A 40ml tube of Lansinoh cream

100% natural purified lanolin which protects and soothes dry, sensitive,painful or cracked nipples. Non-perfumed, tasteless, colourless, without anti-oxidants, chemicals or other additives. Hypo-allergenic – no need to remove before a feed, safe for baby (according to the manufacturers.)

Gift number 5

Number 2 in order of preference as chosen by you:

A Modulit nursing pillow 180cm, filled with tiny micro-beads (1mm diameter) non-allergenic and non-flammable. With Oeko-tex certified, removable, machine-washable material this ergonomic breastfeeding pillow has been designed in partnership with midwives and osteopaths, which explains why it’s so comfortable! Many mums have tested and approved it. The tiny beads are more resistant to crushing so the cushion lasts longer.

Before birth: When seated it props up your back; lying down it gives you good support.

After birth: Comfortably supports baby at the right height for breastfeeding.

The cushion is sold with its cover.


Gift number 6

My favourite (I can’t get enough of it! It’s soooo cute that I’ve kept one for myself.)

A specially designed keyring from CREASSIA with a breastfeeding mum all covered up in one of our outfits of course hihi Find les créassia on her facebook and instagram pages


How to enter:

Nothing complicated it’s all on my facebook page

Under the giveaway post that will go up on the 17th of October:

· Write “I’m joining” and invite at least 3 friends, tagging them

· Share the post

· Like our page

The giveaway is open to France and WORLDWIDE.

Contestants will be picked at random on Sunday 22nd October at 9pm (french hour).


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